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A version of this article first appeared in 'Bridges', Volume 11 No1, Spring 2000, the Newsletter of The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine, based in Colorado.

"Who's That Tapping On My Head???   -  Crystal Hawk, AB, MEd

Tapping came into my life several years ago.  In a conference workshop, while following a simple pattern of tapping various meridian points on my face, a long-standing and to that moment totally unconscious anger at the adults who did not get me proper medical attention when I had an accident with my ear drum as a young child surfaced and was eliminated from my psyche.  As a result, my shoulders which must has tightened some 62 years ago when the accident happened, loosened and lowered considerably. Those same shoulders had been the site of my bursitis. I was intrigued and continued to explore this modality and began to use it with my clients. It was almost always successful and always amazing, and easy for my clients to learn to do for themselves.

At another conference luncheon that same year, a young lady expressed her paralyzing fear of flying back to Alaska.  I did a quick session with her and later received a thank you telling me that she was now easily flying all over Alaska. That's when I decided to take it out of my office and teach it publicly.

Today I'm teaching Emotional Freedom Technique -  EFT - mostly to health care workers, medical personnel and to Therapeutic Touch (TT)  practitioners and other energy workers.  With their highly developed intuition, focused intention, their acceptance of subtle energy, the human energy system and the reality of the bodymind integration, EFT comes very naturally to energy workers. They are using it often and well, both on themselves, with family members, clients and patients. The parallels between TT and EFT make it especially easy for TT practitioners and those familiar with subtle energies to become quickly proficient. Both modalities look silly to outsiders.  In a TT session a practitioner appears to be waving their hands in mid air while in EFT we ask the client to tap themselves on both their face and fingers in a particular pattern and then to hum and count out loud, and this doesn't bother or embarrass us.  Both modalities involve an energy system which most of us cannot 'see', the outcome is always in the client's hands, so to speak, and there is no rational explanation of how either of them  work.  But work they both do and they stand firmly on their effective outcomes.

But one does not have to have this knowledge to use EFT effectively. Anyone can learn EFT. It is an import adjunct to family wellness. Recently my brother-in-law died very tragically through an air plane tower 'error' in Florida. The night before the funeral my niece said, "I'm afraid that I'll throw up and faint at my father's funeral".  Two rounds of EFT fixed that!  She thanked me profusely the next day saying that she would not have been able to manage her emotions at the funeral without whatever that was that I did with her.  Also, I was able to help her three sons,  ranging in age from 6 - 13,  with their 'deep grief' and the  terrible heaviness they were feeling in their chests. The oldest one is in the air cadets, very close to his pilot grandfather, and had been most deeply depressed. After our session I saw him tell a joke and laugh. Later on another grandson was helped with his migraine. In my immediate family I've worked with children, grandchildren, sisters and the family cat.

Professionally the population I work with are quite ill.  With these clients EFT has helped them face MRI's, brain scans, and other medical interventions as well as relieving their daily anxieties. I also work successfully over the phone with people who have no previous knowledge of EFT. One client, referred by a Naturopath, was sensitive to everything and very fearful of the real world where anything chemical could put her into bed for weeks! We worked over the phone because I had recently painted my home/office and she, therefore, couldn't come to me.  She needed to go to the dentist and in one phone session she went from terror to "it doesn't bother me at all" for (1) "I'm sure I'll stop breathing in the dentist's chair and die"; and (2) "Some chemical in the dentist's office will make me very ill". She successfully was able to have her teeth cleaned and subsequently had several additional appointments.

Pain! It makes me feel so good to be able to immediately help people to eliminate their pain. During a Qi Gong class I tapped a student complaining of her back ache without even telling her what I was doing.  She was able to continue with the class without pain and eventually took a workshop.  A client with a frozen shoulder gained about 30% mobility after tapping for pain, and an additional 30% after tapping for her rage against the health professional who put her through exercises which further irritated her injury.   After recent day surgery where I had been told that I would have pain when the anaesthetic wore off I had not one moment of pain having tapped for "The Possibility of having pain when the anaesthetic wears off!".Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is so prevalent in our society. There are a large number of people who have endured years of pain and emotional suffering from car accidents, work related stresses, family losses and service in the military. EFT is amazingly effective in helping these people 
to move through and beyond their stress level. Being able to sleep without nightmares is just one result most of them quickly enjoy.

Overcoming addictions is another excellent  use of EFT.  At workshops I often ask "How many chocoholics are there in the audience who would like to get over their addiction?", and then I treat them all at once, often with a few smoking addicts joining them on stage.  Sometimes with addictions it only takes one or two EFT sessions.  Other addicts have to use EFT daily for some time.  An EFT session takes about 3 minutes so it's not asking a lot of someone who truly wants to stop their smoking or snacking to ask them to do the procedure for themselves daily. And it's because people can easily learn this and are able to do this for themselves that it is a really excellent self help remedy.  Recently a doctor phoned me to tell me that the alcoholic whom he had referred to me had not had a drink in three weeks. I only saw this man once and he didn't stop drinking immediately.  He drank less and less for the first three weeks and then just stopped without difficulty.  I call that a success!

Gary Craig, the developer of EFT likens our energy system to a flowing stream, and tells us that every so often there comes a fear, phobia, trauma, or possible trauma  which acts like a log jam.  Remove that log and the stream begins to flow more easily.  Sometimes there is only need to dislodge one log and the stream flows freely for a long time.  And sometimes there can be another log jam and another and another and each one must be dealt with in turn.

I've been a Gestalt therapist for over 25 years, and I find it very exciting to have connection with a new branch of psychology which is so effective. EFT is making these later years of my life my most professionally fulfilling.

Crystal Hawk
Toronto, Canada

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